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The Theta Girl (2017) Process and Final Art.

The step-by-step process for the creation of the key poster art for Christopher Bickel's "The Theta Girl" now winning awards all across the festival circuit.

Steve rice theta layout test

Rough Design concept using on set photography. This is the approved design out of 3. As you can see the on set photography is lacking a lot of detail is out of focus, and depth which I will be fixing in the illustration side.

Steve rice theta sketch

Initial beginnings of the sketch. I have the design concept opened on another monitor while i sketch the layout in a separate window.

At this point I am adding missing details and changing the aesthetic to fit the final design concept I have in mind.

Steve rice theta unfinished sketch

More Detail being added to the sketch, fixing of the hand position, and the shotgun.

During this point the director requested one of the characters to look angrier, and what color schemes they were looking for and what to accentuate.

Steve rice theta

Rough Colors with a little bit of detail added in. Got to see a rough cut of the trailer for the film, added some details and background changes based on the imagery there.

Steve rice theta new 2

Final approved poster. After 2 days of back and forth with movie producers about the typography and placement.

Also completed the top of the center actors head, fixed a googly eye the actress had, and added an additional portrait.